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Awaken the Goddess within

These pieces are created for you to remember the infinite wild spirit within you that travels between continents, worlds, dimension, stars and beyond. You are a wild Woman, your spirit is forever free. 

By wearing these beautiful handmade pieces, you’ll connect deeper to your inner wild. You’ll feel the breeze, the vibe, you’ll disconnect from outer stories and start creating your own.

Be free beautiful Goddess. Spread your wings and fly!


The inner wild stunning hair piece will help you remember and tap into your own inner wild. You are a part of nature and that's why your nature is wild. Be free to express, be free to create, be fierce, be as wild as your nature desires. Now is the time to let go of what holds you back, and what does not serve you and your highest self. Tap into the energy of your ancestors, your spirit animal, or the part within you that longs to be the full embodiment of your divinity. You are Divinely Wild.

This hair piece is Unisex, beautiful and stunning on both Queens and their Kings. Wear this piece like your ultimate Crown.

Nature and magic woven together. This hand-made 3 piece 45 cm long hair jewelry extension is made of selected dark, black and patterned feathers, with shades of emerald green and beads on a strong dark black string, with a 2 cm wide real hairextension black metal hair clip for ultimate grip and hold on.

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Bohemian Goddess Jewelry Collection

Inner Wild - HAIR PIECE



This beautiful hair piece will assist you to remember and tap into the freedom, that already exists within you and around you. You are the creator, the artist and the art, you are the painter and the paint, you are the music, the notes and lyrics, you are a living masterpiece of your life and you already have everything you need to create the life of your dreams.

Be free beautiful Goddess, spread your wings and fly.

Nature and magic woven together.

This hand-made 3 piece 45 cm long hair jewelry is made of selected creamy white, grey and patterned feathers, with beads on a strong creamy white string, with a 2 cm wide real hairextension light brown metal hair clip for ultimate grip and hold on. This piece loves and adores you and your hair.

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Be free - HAIR PIECE


"Now is the time to spread Your Wings Beautiful Goddess"


This piece carries a strong and powerful warrior Goddess vibration. They are here for the real deal, where the dark and mysterious meets the light and reflects the truth of who you are. This piece is grounding, truth seeking, protective and calming like a real embodied warrior Goddess is. The Onyx will assist you with strong and intuitive guidance.

Element: Fire

Mantra: "I fully accept and embrace my darkness, as it is the path to my light. I am protected, I am held."

Additional energetic vibes: Personal power, initiation, change, transformation, spiritual awakening, harmony, safety, inner truth

Nature and magic woven together

These multi-dimensional feather earrings are made of a silver plated brass moon chandelier, with silver beads, white fresh water pearls, onyx crystals and selected black, grey and emerald green rooster feathers. Ear hooks sterling silver. Earrings nickel free. Length: 28 cm.

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I Embrace the Light and Dark Within Me -  ONYX EAR PIECES


My Feminine Essence 



This moonstone piece is here to remind you to trust and go with you inner flow. They will channel bright illuminating moonlight on your path for balance and harmony. They will strengthen your connection to your feelings and knowing of your innate wisdom, of your own divinity, your divine feminine essence. You are an Earth Goddess from above.

Element: Water

Mantra: "I am in tune with nature, aware of my divinity, I go with my inner flow."

Additional energetic vibes: Sensuality, fertility, unlocking the inner Goddess, connection to the Moon, cleansing the mind from negative emotions that are holding you back, opening the heart chakra, creative flow.

Nature and magic woven together. These multi-dimensional feather earrings are made of: Selected white rooster feathers, a silver plated brass moon chandelier, sterling silver hook and Moon Stone crystals. Earrings are nickel free. Length: 28 cm.

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"Fall in Love with Your Own 


Bohemian Goddess Feather

Connected to my Highest Self 



These earrings shall help you navigate on planet Earth, with the Divine remembrance of who you really are, and what you came here for. You are a shining star, you came here to fulfill your purpose. You are guided, you are witnessed, you are loved.

Element: Air

Mantra: "I am connected, in tune, I am divinely guided. I am my highest self."

Additional energetic vibes: Protection, intuition, meditation, stress-relief, communication, clairvoyance, abundance.

Nature and magic woven together. These multi-dimensional feather earrings are made of: Selected mixed color feathers (white, emerald green and brown on a white string), a silver plated brass moon chandelier, silver beads, sterling silver hook and Amethyst crystals. Earrings are nickel free. Length: 28 cm.

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Bohemian Goddess Feather

Love Notes to My Soul



These beauties are like love notes to your soul. They will lovingly remind you to be kind towards yourself and appreciate the beautiful being that you are. Rose quartz will assist you to open your heart, heal old wounds and it will call in love both outside towards others as self-love and love within.

Element: Earth

Mantra: "Be soft, be kind, be gentle. I am open to give and receive love. I am love. Love is all there is."

Additional energetic vibes: Divine feminine energy, faith, compassion, harmony, happiness, understanding, forgiveness, unconditional love, receiving and giving love.

Nature and magic woven together.

These multi-dimensional feather earrings are made of: Selected beige and patterned feathers, a silver plated brass moon chandelier, silver color beads, sterling silver hook and Rose Quartz crystals. Earrings are nickel free. Length: 28 cm.

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"Spread your wings and fly beautiful Goddess"

Remember Who You Are

Awaken the Wild Goddess within

Claim your Crown and Create Your Magic

Blissful Love and Endless Blessings

These handmade items have all been blessed in a sacred 

Full Moon Ceremony, 

in Bali, Indonesia - 

the Island of Gods and Goddesses.

With love and gratitude, we send you blessings from Bali


Bohemian Goddess
Bohemian Goddess Feather

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